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Welcome to the newest most renowed item generator in private Trinity Ragnarok Online! This is the new tiRO Clone v1.02.

Before anything else, the tiRO Clone team would like to thank "Shanks" and "Crystal" for the wonderful cracknut program. Every update, we will try to duplicate as many items as possible without the LUG team trailing our behinds...

As we are making the progress in duplicating items, we would like all of you to know how it is done, since we felt that all of you have the right to know this. Correct?

Update - November 21, 2004

Shanks updated Whisper Card, Thara Frog Card, Hydra Card and Zerom Card

How does duplication work?
First of all, we will discuss about the packet numbers. Packet numbers are the registered hexadecimal codes found in every item in Ragnarok. Every item have different packet numbers. For example, Lunatic card's packet number is 00 AE 5F 0A (not real) while the Poring card's packet number is 00 9A 35 0E (not real). Every item of the same kind have the same packet number (i.e. all lunatic cards have only one packet number). You cannot modify it, since it is the registered hex codes in the LUG system DB.

Now, how does the item duplication work in here? Again, for example, we are going to duplicate, say, a Ghostring card. The GR card's packet number is 0A FF 35 89 (not real), for example. Now, with the duplication, the item cloner will copy the same card and all, but not the packet number. So, let's say we already duplicated the Ghostring card.

Now, the original GR card will have a packet number of 0A FF 35 89 and the duplicate card will have a packet number of 89 35 FF 0A (not real). Therefore, the duplicate's packet number will be different from the original. Since it is different, it also means that the duplicate's packet number will be unregistered.

Original Ghostring packet number: 0A FF 35 89

Duplicate Ghostring packet number: 89 35 FF 0A

Now, if you are going to sell the duplicate GR card, it will again change it's packet number. So, for example, when you sell it to character A, the packet number of 89 35 FF 0A will change, for example to FF 0A 89 35 (not real). The bottom line is, the duplicate card's packet number will change everytime it goes to different characters of different accounts. (The team still hadn't figured out if the packet number will change if your character A will put it to storage then the duplicate item will be picked-up by character B).

Okay, what will happen if that duplicate card goes to different persons? System Database crash will happen to the Ragnarok system because of that single unregistered packet numbers. Of course, heavy lag will occur, those failed to connect to server will occur and such and because of this, the LUG will trace the problem. And of course, they will trace it easily because of that unregistered packet number. And then, after tracing the duplicate item, they will also trace whi did the duplication. And when they finally traced him/her, they will delete that duplicate item and the person with the original one will be subjected to ITEM WIPEOUT!

Well, that is of you do this kind of thing and if you really want to get caught.

However, there is another way of getting zenny through duplication without getting caught.

Here's what you do:

1. Have a mud lump or skull or any other loots in your item inventory.
2. Duplicate them at least 30,000 pieces - the max number in kafra storage.
3. After that, go to your nearest NPC and sell all of them!

Hehe, see? that's how I do it. However, using the duplicator will also help in adding your system lag. But hey, it's worth it, remember?

Also, this duplicator will only duplicate uncompounded and unupgraded items. So, sorry we cannot duplicate your +7 Immune Muffler nor your +4 Boys Cap.

Another one. You remember the above part about selling the duplicated items? Another one to bypass the LUG security in finding these unregistered packet numbers is to compound the cards to their respective equipments. We've already tried this in the offline server and yes it's working. Duplicate items needed for quest can also be used on NPCs like Boy's caps, bao bao, phantom of the opera and such.

This program is not available for public use since it is possible that people might abuse this.

Here are the steps to attain your duplicated items:

1. An active tiRO account with the first character of at least job level 7 (novice) and above - so as to access your kafra storage where the duplicate will be placed - (all of the duplicate items will be on your kafra storage; the original ones will be on your item inventory). However, if both your original and duplicate are in the storage, the last item in your kafra will be the original.

For example, in your equip storage,
Full Plate - (this is the duplicate)
Full Plate - (this is the original).

If, the case is like this:
300 Old Blue Box - (your 300th item will be your original)

2. At least ONE item in your first character inventory of the item that you want to duplicate. (If you want to duplicate tiger's footskin, at least have one of it in your first character).

3. Zenny of at least 200 - you Kafra storage is not free. And there are times that the cloner uses the storage at least 3x max when duplicating.

4. Active account should have at least three days extra load.

5. The final step, fill up the form - we don't want others to know how this works - you'll get tracked by your IP address unlike our system, we have our own IP add blocker here so we won't get caught.

1. Do not abuse this cloner

2. We can only do one RARE duplicate at a time. So if two of you requested to copy the same rare card, like an Angelring card, the first one who requested will have the privilege to do so; we have a first come first serve policy in here.

3. One server request at a time; If you requested for example, in both TRINITY and TRINITY PK, the first server you indicate will be given the chance in the process of duplication

4. Do not flood the system - it causes system crash and the duplication process might not be successful

- the tiRO Clone team
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